Moon Town has two high volume transport systems: a mass driver for bulk goods that can withstand high acceleration forces, and skyhooks that allow a much higher rate of rocket traffic than would otherwise be economical by greatly reducing how much delta V must be achieved by rocket engines. 

At the moon, it is possible that a few existing materials would be adequate for a skyhook that handls large cargo masses. Spectra and Kevlar have been proposed. With the exceptional strength posited for lunar glass, making them out of that is a possibility – or out of the material of a stony asteroid brought into orbit, as long as it was as free of water as the lunar equator is. 

At the moment, the concept is for cargo to be handled by rotating skyhooks in low orbit, perhaps some 150 km above the surface. Their arms are not envisioned to descend all the way to the surface, but instead to within a few kilometers of it. The idea here is to choose flexibility, safety, and easy orbital maintenance over the ability to avoid rocket launch completely by loading cargo onto a platform that actually briefly touches down on the surface. Most cargo needs delta V provided by rocket engines to reach its final destination, and all human traffic does, so rockets carry everything and they meet up with skyhooks at points that are as safe and as useful as possible considering all the different kinds of traffic that comes and goes from Moon Town. 

This design process is at an early stage (even compared to other infrastructure pieces). The concepts used can be changed after further analysis.