Pellet Simulator

Pellet simulator

Finding very sensitive trajectories, like those requiring multiple gravity assists, is a very time consuming trial and error process. This tool allows you to try a whole range of velocities at once to narrow down the trajectory much faster. The idea is neither new nor mine, this is just an implementation.

Initial state

Requires restart to take effect

Secondary body

Pellet start point

Origin of coordinate system Parent body Secondary body Barycentre
Radius (km)
Argument (degrees)

Pellet velocity

From: m/s To: m/s
Number of pellets
Vector direction (degrees)

Or load a scenario from the list below:

(Note: some scenarios require high physics fps and/or low simulation speed to work)

View options

Adjust to change speed, view, and rendering of current simulation

Simulation speed
Physics fps
Graphics fps
Pellet radius

Move around width W,A,S,D zoom with + and -