A Model for a Lunar Society

How can a group of nations that have never worked together on any complex project successfully do so on the Moon? It would be simpler to suppose that they don’t, and that only one nation or an existing alliance such as the European Union does it. The purpose of the virtual colonies is to imagine the best possibility, and provide a vision for everybody, so it will take the harder road. A place in which ideas for such broad, complex, far-reaching collaboration can be played with and discussed is a place that helps such collaboration to begin.

For the moment, this section exists to mark the intention to work on this aspect of the project in future. It is a complex area that will require a lot of careful thought. It is more important right now to work on the structures and equipment for the colonies. Some work on the socio-economic model was done in order to create the Timeline. It is provisional at the moment. The main thing is that the policy is to model this to be as inclusive as possible, we assume a high level of ongoing investment, and the best level of technical judgement.

The headings that follow outline the themes that will need to be developed once this matter can be worked on:

An Alliance of All Space-Faring Nations

The Residence Program

The Moon Agency

Commerce on the Moon, and with Earth

Moon Lifestyles

Development of a Distinct Society

Development of a Local Economy

Development of Local Laws and Institutions

Movement Towards Self-Determination

Lunar Independence

Turning Points in Lunar Society

Long Term Relationship with Earth (and Other Planets)