Enjoying Moon Town - there's lots of options

Drop in to browse, play, or see events. Stick around to make a home and build. Get as deep into the community as you like. 

The project is at an early stage of development. The options shown below will become available roughly in the order shown. The touring activity is available including in our early drafts you can download now. The rest depends on getting funding and collaborators.

Even now, if you have a model of realistic and feasible technology for space development, we would love to add it to the town. Contact us here. For now each such case requires significant labor and we have to be careful about size and complexity. With progress there will be space and tools to make it easy and collaborative.


Walk and drive around the town to see the installations and equipment. Go with a group of friends if you wish. There are animations and explanations of the buildings and the gear. Some can be operated. This is a full sketch showing the technology and industry that will be important to forming a lunar society.

This interaction will become advanced over time. It includes things like portraying the lives of virtual settlers, gardening in parks and farms, and continually expanding the interactive content, both integrated in the habs and in display areas. Interactives will show both planned and realistic speculative technology for space development.

Some of this touring and browsing will develop into true activities over time – complex acts shared with others, with outcomes that can be preserved or recorded.


At first events will be able to accommodate only a few people. As the program and server capacity expand, more people will fit in event areas. This can be for presentations, panels, discussion groups, demonstrations, or just hanging out. Poetry slams, maybe. Custom models with animations, slideshows, and videos can be included. Avatars that easily change facial expression, posture, and gestures create a more engaging ambiance. Chat can be by text or voice, with an option for recording.

You can plan, promote, and host an event. We provide the space and the tools. This is where community begins.

Story Telling

Making films and graphic novels using Moon Town will be encouraged by making it as easy as possible, basing events with prizes on it, and funding a few select scripts. It is far easier to feel engaged by a place if you have memories of  stories that took place there. Some of these stories will be linked to from Moon Town to this website, others will be like how settlers lives are portrayed – you follow figures as they act out a story in Moon Town, like street theatre.


Content from collaborators will be added from the beginning. The air-breathing nuclear rocket display in the First Gallery is the first example of this. Truly making Moon Town feel like a future town requires that users can build homes or businesses of their own there. Neighborhoods have been set up where clusters of homes can go. There are also areas for markets, parks, recreation facilities, farms, offices, and galleries. 

To build your home, shop, or what have you, first you will reserve a plot in one of the designated areas. Then you’ll open a module that shows you what kinds of shapes the town’s molten regolith 3d printers can make, what allotment of material you have, and its tools will help you put it together.

Your creation becomes a part of the town. Every visitor to Moon Town can see it and interact with it. 


Within the town, there will be places or objects that allow you to do extra things together with other people. You can explore the facets of lunar life this way. The possibilities are many – swimming in the pool, flying indoors with powered wings, lunar sports, racing outdoors with lunar vehicles, engaging in mining, manufacturing, and construction, flying the rockets, farming, planning future habitats and cities…

Like the Building described above, activities will be mostly added by users and collaborators. The more people are drawn to Moon Town, the more of them there will be, and the more their quality will improve.


Achieving this would be a real magnum opus, something that could genuinely impact real space development. It would require a sophisticated physics simulation for the virtual world and large-scale, complex, ongoing logging of the activity of many agents there. 

It could be applied to the study of many areas. At its simplest, just portraying a complete suite of technologies needed to have a moon town with a viable economy will be revealing of what is needed to integrate all that so it makes sense as a whole. At its most complex, it could be used to roughly model real systems to anticipate both problems and opportunities.

Things like how air and water quality change with activity over time, how ecosystems develop and their parts impact each other, what resources are needed and have a market, how suites of robots handle the environment and work together, best approaches to construction, mining, and manufacturing – insights can be had into all of it. It would require a very vibrant and well backed Moon Town to get there. It’s definitely achievable.

Everything above will be done if participation is great enough. So, to draw the largest audience, there will be interesting things you can do without spending a dime, while other things will cost money. To make it worthwhile, everything is geared towards giving you a sense of our real future more intuitive than any current medium. With growth that will acquire depth, richness, and immersive aspects that convey understanding of life and work in space vividly.