Ok  – be aware that what is available right now is a draft that is incomplete and buggy and only works as a local environment. 

You can click on LOCAL GAME in the menu, and then on HOST. Then you can look around, for now that’s all. 

These links automatically update to download the latest build. This notice will change as functionality improves.

Thank you for your support. Really.

Download Moonwards for :

Not available for this device

Moonwards is too intense to run on anything but a desktop right now. 

We are completing a system so that once you download MoonTown, it will automatically update after that whenever you launch it. This is a bit complex but will mean that anyone who downloads this will always have our latest, best stuff once it’s working. It isn’t working yet.

I briefly had posted here download links for the current thing we have but that didn’t have this feature.  It’s better to wait.