Our Actual Business Plan

Our Actual Business Plan This will continue to evolve, as such documents do. That said, here’s a link to our bona fide business plan, on our Google Drive: The Plan! It’s good that we competed for the Rothblatt Space Settlement in Our Lifetime Prize, as it really motivated me to do this, and provided me […]

Big windows and full long term radiation protection, together

Big windows with full radiation protection The video shows our new main habitat building in process. It explains how the thick heavy decks outside the big windows ensure residents are safe over the decades from cosmic radiation. It also gives a glimpse into how this one hab will be a happy home for thousands of […]

Contest for Lunar Infrastructure in Moonwards Baby

Announcing the Create Lunar Infrastructure in Moonwards Baby! Contest As Moonwards becomes more capable,  the people to bring it alive must be drawn in. And so, in May a contest will begin for upgrades to the infrastructure of Moon Town.  It shall be known henceforth as the Create Lunar Infrastructure in Moonwards Baby! contest, or […]

Spinning the Moon

We care about presenting our future in space as it can really be, when the boom comes. So we think a lot about things that mostly the industry doesn’t think about yet. This week, that was fun.

State of the Moonion

A man climbing stairs made of two parallel ladders designed to step from one to the other side to side

The infrastructure and equipment of Moon Town has been designed to a draft state only, and fleshing designs out has now begun. Doing this through the Tough SF Discord server has turned out to be quite an effective approach.

Moonwards juuuust about has a demo

Player looking up through the floors of First Gallery Habitat

We’ve sort of made it. The whole demo works. It has several fun things in it. There’s lots of structures and objects to walk around and look at, lots of content explaining them, and a cool rover to drive. And yet, we have to work on it a bit longer…

Moon Town’s new stuff for October

In game view of the Heads Up Display

An editor for players to make their own game characters is in the final polishing phase. All tools and utilities are now easily accessed through the new HUD.

The Winding Road

Looking up the center tower that supports a ring of planters under a glass roof, Earth seen through glass at top

This is a teeny snapshot of a few things we’ve been doing. Is the forest thinning around our path? Is that the light of the other side I see in the distance? I’ll let you know.

The archived Timeline

A request came in for the old timeline that was part of the old website. I’m glad I’m not the only person who enjoyed that piece. In due course a revised timeline should be incorporated in the new site. Somewhere. It’s already becoming a little challenging to figure out how to organize the site clearly […]