Just a big town on the moon

To portray an entire large industrial town on the moon, engaged in realistic commerce, showing only realistic technology feasible in the next few decades, in a fully navigable 3d environment, is a big undertaking. It remains a difficult technical achievement for several reasons. So for now the project is going to focus exclusively on building the environment itself. We will no longer work on all the game and networking code needed to put that environment online, make it navigable, and have it shared live for all visitors. Nor are we building the tools to allow visitors to do activities there and modify the environment. What we were trying to do would require a well-funded expert team, and there is no path to that money right now. Its focus on realism puts it outside of known revenue models. This is now simply a love letter to the future, in faith that presently putting it online will become much easier. Once the town has been properly built in full, a new effort will be made to put it online as a shared world.

In line with that, this website will strictly cover the development of the 3d models of the town, its equipment, and the terrain of the site. Lots of new things exist, as the old site hadn’t been updated in about a year while we tried to get a game environment working.






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