Make our future on the moon

One day the moon will be a manufacturing power providing knowledge and fortune we can hardly imagine today. We model that future, realistically, and place it in a shared game world. It's a place to grow that vision together. It's an effort to show what we can be.

Do you know space dev? Our tools put your work in a fully modelled lunar town, make it run and add media. We make it easy, you make it real.
This town is for living in, role-playing options expanding over time. Learn about it, then add to it.

This Game Evolves

Moonwards exists to deliver a gut level understanding of our future in space and all it will mean. It will evolve as it connects with the space community and learns how to convey the road ahead powerfully. We are molding the game world to be a rich and intuitive platform for building a full model of real space communities. Talk to us on Discord or email me through our Contact Form.

Our News