Make our future on the moon

One day the moon will be a manufacturing power providing knowledge and fortune we can hardly imagine today. We model that future, realistically, and place it in a shared game world. It's a place to grow that vision together. It's an effort to show what we can be.

Do you know space dev? Our tools put your work in a fully modelled lunar town, make it run and add media. We make it easy, you make it real.

This town is for living in, role-playing options expanding over time. Learn about it, then add to it.

This Game Evolves, and We are at the Very Beginning

We’ve built a starting point. Now we must support the process so the pieces of the town get improved or replaced with better concepts, and new pieces get added. It’s all open source, licensed MIT, so the better it is, the more it benefits all who participate. 

Release 0.2 - Alpha

Please mess around. Let us know what you think on our Discord server or through the Contact form.

This is an early test version being actively developed. Your computer is going to treat it with healthy suspicion, but it’s okay.  Give permission to install the software and for it to access the internet when prompted. Check out the README with your download and the instructions listed for your operating system. It’ll help you get this installed and working. 

Moonwards runs muuuch slower than it will once optimized and upgraded to Godot 4.0 (the game engine powering it). Right now it needs at least an i5 CPU, for a desktop, and better an i7 for a laptop. A graphics card is needed unless the computer is a recent model – just an okay card, nothing fancy.

Extract the zip file to a folder of your choice. Then go to there and double click on Moonwards.

You will be warned this is unregistered software. To open it,

  1. In the Finder  on your Mac, locate the app you want to open.

  2. Control-click the app icon, then choose Open from the shortcut menu.

  3. Click Open. The app is saved as an exception to your security settings.

For more info, see here

Linux leaves these things to the user, as Linux users are a computer-savvy and independent lot. 

Just extract it where you’d like, then double click to run.

Extract the zip file to a folder of your choice. Then go to there and double click on Moonwards.

Windows Defender will show a warning.  You will either need to click ‘More info’ and then ‘Run anyway’, or click ‘Allow access’. 


Hey, we're running a contest! More and better 3d models sought!

Spinning the Moon

We care about presenting our future in space as it can really be, when the boom comes. So we think a lot about things that mostly the industry doesn’t think about yet. This week, that was fun.

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A man climbing stairs made of two parallel ladders designed to step from one to the other side to side

State of the Moonion

The infrastructure and equipment of Moon Town has been designed to a draft state only, and fleshing designs out has now begun. Doing this through the Tough SF Discord server has turned out to be quite an effective approach.

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Player looking up through the floors of First Gallery Habitat

Moonwards juuuust about has a demo

We’ve sort of made it. The whole demo works. It has several fun things in it. There’s lots of structures and objects to walk around and look at, lots of content explaining them, and a cool rover to drive. And yet, we have to work on it a bit longer…

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Looking up the center tower that supports a ring of planters under a glass roof, Earth seen through glass at top

The Winding Road

This is a teeny snapshot of a few things we’ve been doing. Is the forest thinning around our path? Is that the light of the other side I see in the distance? I’ll let you know.

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